Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Why Adoption?

Even before we married, we talked about adopting. We know adoption can be hard, but we also know that it can bring great joy. Adoption is part of both our extended families' stories. Rebecca's sister and brother-in-law adopted a baby girl domestically who is just 9 months older than Dalton. They have a great time playing together when we visit. They have even played "adoption day." 

Cousins on Rebecca's side: Dalton, Z, Cedar, and T

We are truly blessed to have two sons born to us. Having birth parents choose us to parent their little one will be a huge honor, a blessing of a different kind.  

Our agency, Coordinators2, Inc. was one of the first to develop parental placement adoption in Virginia. This type of adoption is completely open - there is ongoing contact between everyone; names and addresses are known. We feel this is the best way to "do" adoption, for everyone, but especially for the adopted child. So we hope to have an open, ongoing relationship with our child’s birth family. We want our child to know his/her first family; we want you to never have to wonder or worry about how he/she is doing.

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