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Fun Family Facts

  • Richard will eat most anything.
  • We go to the mountains more than the beach. They are both 2 hrs from home.
  • Rebecca spent a year in Argentina and learned fun words like pibe and quilombo.
  • Richard is writing his own programming language.
  • We like the idea of gardening, but so far have killed more plants than we've eaten.
  • We used to own rabbits, but a dog is probably in our future. Dalton wants puppies.
  • We have 4 strollers, 2 of which Richard and Dalton have broken."Go faster, Daddy!"
  • While we were engaged, Richard owned 7 computers. Rebecca encouraged him to reduce that number before the wedding. We have more now...
  • Cedar has called 911 more times than Richard.
  • If Dalton could drive, the first thing he'd do is hunt down an ice cream truck (since we refuse when he asks us to go searching for one).
  • El cuarto de Dalton y Cedar tiene estrellas que brillan en el oscuro. Una de las primeras palabras que decía Cedar fue estrella.

A Typical Day

6:00 AM - Richard se va a trabajar.
6:30 AM - Rebecca despierta a Dalton. Cedar se levanta con menos lloriqueo que Dalton!
7:19 AM - Rebecca y Cedar acompañar Dalton a la parada del bus escolar. Entonces Rebecca y Cedar van a correr al lado de las vias del tren.
8:30 AM - Milena helps Cedar get dressed while Rebecca walks to work
9:30 AM - Milena and Cedar go to storytime at a nearby library
11:00 AM - Milena and Cedar go to a playground, have snacks, and play
12:30 PM - A picnic at the playground or home for lunch. Sometimes Rebecca comes home too!
1:30 PM - Cedar does preschool activities with Milena: learning letters, shapes, and counting.
2:45 PM - Milena and Cedar pick up Dalton at the bus stop. 
3:15 PM - Cedar takes a nap, sometimes. Dalton practices piano and reads so he can have screen time. His favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Transformers.
5:30 PM - Rebecca comes home and starts dinner. Milena goes to class or the gym.
5:45 PM - Richard gets home and plays outside with the boys while Rebecca cooks.
6:15 PM - Dinner
7:00 PM - PJ time for Cedar
7:30 PM - Cedar's bedtime
8:00 PM - Dalton's bedtime with some snuggles and reading with mom.
8:30 PM - Grown-up time! ...and getting ready for the next day.

Favorite Weekend Activities

  • Hiking in the mountains. 
  • Triathlons! Dalton wants to do his first this summer.
  •  Playing board games in our pajamas.
  • Swimming lessons, soccer games, bike rides
  • Museums
  • Church. We belong to a Vineyard Church and occasionally visit una Iglesia Hispana.

A Family Moment 

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