Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Dalton was so excited when Cedar was born. I (Rebecca) will always remember the look on his face when friends brought him to the hospital to meet Cedar at 1 day old. Like any older sibling, he will occasionally do things for the sole purpose of annoying Cedar. And Cedar is a passionate 2 yr old who doesn’t communicate with words much yet, so he’s already frustrated. But Dalton is also a sweet older brother. Recently, Cedar was crying because I took his pants off when he spilled fried egg on them (and the high chair and floor). Dalton heard me say, “It’s OK Cedar, I will get you clean pants as soon as I clean up the rest of the egg.” So Dalton ran upstairs, got a pair of pants for Cedar and helped him put them on. It was so sweet! I heard him saying, “Here Cedar, it’s OK, I have pants for you. Sit down. I can help you put them on. Here, give me your leg…” Cedar, for his part, adores Dalton (when not annoyed) and will do whatever Dalton is doing – run through the house, make funny noises, go for a bike ride, play soccer, you name it.


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