Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Richard & Rebecca

We met soon after Rebecca moved to Virginia in late 2005, quickly fell in love, and married in 2007. 

Richard is a computer programmer for the Navy. He loves programming so much he has a project he works on just for fun. His favorite things besides programming and our boys are whitewater kayaking and mountain biking. Clearly, these sports are not for the faint of heart. Richard enjoys taking the kids places whether running with the stroller or walking or bike riding. He plays games with Dalton, helps him set up his Dominoes, and reads endless books to both boys. He can’t wait until Dalton is old enough so he can start him on Lego robotics. Richard is always thinking of ways to teach our boys, especially things not covered in school.

Rebecca teaches chemistry at a small college. She loves getting students involved in her research on snow and ice.  At home, whether it is  paper airplanes, wooden trains or “experiments” in the kitchen, Rebecca enjoys playing with the kids. This spring is her second time coaching Dalton's soccer team. She especially cherishes the quiet moments of snuggling or reading books together, simply watching their little faces while they concentrate on a puzzle or playdough creation.

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